Online Training for Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants are available to patients in many medical facilities. Patients and nurses often form strong friendships through their constant contact. Online training programs for nursing assistants can help you learn how to do your job.

Students can learn more about the work environment by enrolling in accredited online courses. This includes helping patients to eat, dress, bathe, and serving them meals.

  • An assistant will take the patient’s vitals for medical purposes, including temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Online training prepares students for job responsibilities and the stress that comes with monitoring patients.
  • Assisting nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living homes is where they do most of their work.

It is strongly recommended that you train as a nurse assistant because employers require more of their employees to have this certification before they hire.

Online classes can be taken by students before they enter a program. This will prepare them for the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools that they will need. Students can take a CPR and first aid course to help them succeed in their program. Although certificate programs can vary from one college to the next, they all follow the same general education requirements. The programs last from six to twelve weeks.

They include coursework in medical terminology, pharmacology and home care. After 75 hours of training, a state will recognize students as certified. After completing coursework and clinical experience, students will need to pass a certification exam to earn their certificate. There are specific requirements for nursing assistant education in different states. To ensure that they are enrolled in the right program, students should verify state requirements.

Online courses in nursing assistant training teach students the fundamental concepts and procedures of the areas they will be working in. The theory course for certified nursing assistants covers issues related to daily work tasks. Students will be taught about hygiene management, infection control and data collection. Campus-based courses will teach medical basics. Students will have the opportunity to draw blood and take blood pressures. Students will learn practical aspects of acute care. 

The course covers the physical, psychological, social and emotional needs of patients. The course will cover basic nursing skills such as problem solving, interviewing, decision-making, and more. The clinical course is probably the most valuable and effective course a student can take. Nursing assistants will learn to interact with patients directly under the supervision of a registered nurse. 

Learning environments include hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes. These courses require that students recall and then apply the knowledge to real patients. Many students gain confidence from real work experience.

Over the next eighteen years, employment is expected to increase by 18 percent. It will pay off to get an online education in this field. When deciding whether to pursue an accredited program in this field, students should look at the growth rate and how it will affect their annual income. Accreditation is granted to accredited online colleges and schools that meet the requirements for quality education by the Accrediting Board of Health Education Schools.