How to deal with bees at or around your home

We all have at some point seen bees flying around our homes, or in gardens. This behavior is normal and shouldn’t be a concern. There is nothing to be concerned about, unless the Bees are too close. They will avoid danger. You can continue your outdoor activities as normal because the Bees are Bees.

Bees are very good for the environment. Farmers spend millions each year renting Bees to pollinate their plants. Without them, our crops in Florida will suffer. Bee keepers spend hours caring for their Bees. People are well aware of the decline in Bee colonies. Parasites and Pest Control Companies are to blame for this decrease.

Unfortunately, Bees in wall can build small or very large hives around your home. The danger of having hives in your home, whether small or large, can be very dangerous for your pets, family members, and neighbors. One common misconception is that Africanized Honey Bees will sting everyone. When in defense mode, both Africanized and European honey bees can be deadly. They both look the same to the naked eye, and the hives they build are identical in appearance.

Bees often swarm and you might see large clumps hanging from trees, fences or sideways. Although they can attack by walking around the area, the majority of Swarms will move away within minutes to 48 hours. You should leave them alone and do not disturb. Swarm traps can be installed if you receive frequent visits from swarms. The Swarming Bee Traps can capture the swarms that are in your area thanks to a pheromone inside.

It can be scary to deal with Bees in your home. Bees can often build a hive in a wall or soffit. These areas are often populated with small gaps that the Bees can easily find and then they move in fast. The Queen will decide if her colony has found a safe area to set up their new home and then the worker Bees can get to work. It is usually quite simple to find a Bee Hive within a structure. 

Bee Removal can sometimes be complicated if they get into restricted areas. Large hives that are encroaching on walls can make Bee Removal costly due to the extra time and cleaning up required. Entomologist at the University of Florida recommends that the whole Bee Hive be removed. The scent that is left behind can attract other Bees and Insects if it is not possible to remove the entire Hive.

A single sting isn’t that severe, unless you have an allergic reaction. Bees will sting in large numbers, which is why pets and people can be hurt. Bees can cover your skin with their stings and swarm on victims. Bees can sting thousands or hundreds of times when they attack in this manner. 

Bees are not like hornets or wasps. When they sting, they lose their stingers and die. Only trained professionals should handle Bee Removal. The University of Florida has compiled a list of qualified professionals who are ready to help you.

Live traps can be installed to capture Bees. This will allow you to take control of your property and offer a safe Bee removal service by professionals. Don’t attempt Bee Removal or Bee Hive Removal by yourself. It is best to leave it to professionals.